Based on the proven Roundhouse Billy chassis and body


Elke is based on a design by Orenstein & Koppel (more info on O&K).
The coal-fired Elke runs without attending coal or water for up to 17-21 minutes (a gas-fired locomotive runs under similar conditions 20-25 minutes). The boiler contains all water for a full run. After a run coal and water is topped up under steam. The advantages of this coal-firing system are explained on the special design features page. 
The Goodall valve for topping up the water is hidden under the sand dome. The stainless drop down fire door has a built-in damper function to control the heat of the coal fire and hence the steam pressure. For manual locos see details here.

Elke 5
Elke, shown on our test track, is our little favorite
(fitted with a black-white water gauge background)

Keeping the fire going is easy due to a very deep and wide fire-box. The stainless steel ash pan with grate hinges on two pins and can easily be removed. The door of the smoke box is removable (or in case of a conversion the complete smoke box is removable). The cab lay-out is very neat and leaves ample room for a driver. The water gauge and the blower hand wheel are close to scale.
Uncluttered cab with ample room for a driver

The water level of the boiler is easy to read because of the long reading glass of the water gauge. Just like in a real loco, the red-white or black-white background improves readability of the reading glass even further. A black-white background is fitted as standard.
Your locomotive/kit comes with a Jacksons Superior bottle. Topping up is three times faster with less effort.

reading glass background
Water gauge with red, black-white or no background
The Jacksons Superior bottle

Full Remote Control (regulator, reverser, whistle AND damper) can be built in with the Elke RC fittings kit and a RC combo with servos.  Receiver, rechargeables and all servos except the regulator servo are fully hidden away. The pictures show Elke with full Remote Control.
The boiler dome is prepared for a Regner whistle kit; adding a whistle is very easy.

Elke is very easy to operate

Building Elke

This is not a "build it in one evening" project. However any average modeler with care and patience can build a coal-fired locomotive to be proud of. All painting is left to the builder, minimal drilling and cutting is necessary. Only simple tools are needed. Read the related FAQs and in case of Slomo these instructions.
Elke is pictured with optional bufferbeam overlays and cylinder cladding. The boiler bands and the dome can either be brass polished or painted. The Roundhouse chassis kit is available with optional insulated wheels.
Click on picture below to open images of Elke in several stages of building:
building Elke


Elke comes as a coal-fired boiler kit and needs additional Roundhouse parts.  You also can use this kit for conversion of a Roundhouse Billy (one extra part needed, read last FAQ). The kit comes complete with boiler certificate and step by step instructions and contains the following parts.
Check out the price list and terms & conditions of sale. We only accept orders from customers living in the European Union.

Some of the many possible liveries

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